Business & Academics

R&D Programs

To encourage the development of innovative products and/or process improvements, RRFB Nova Scotia offers financing for Research & Development projects related to solid waste diversion. The Program provides funding support to research projects that will investigate, design and develop:

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Value-Added Manufacturing

Through the Value-Added Manufacturing (VAM) Program, RRFB Nova Scotia provides funding for projects designed to commercialize new technology, products or services. Value-Added Manufacturing projects may include the following:

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Student Research Grants

RRFB Nova Scotia provides Student Research Grants for research related to solid waste diversion. Leveraging the knowledge and capacity of our universities, the program is intended to support student research projects that will provide a commercial benefit to businesses and municipalities, and/or result in the increase of diversion of materials from disposal.

While funding targets students, university faculty and businesses can apply for student research grants and select students after the project scope is approved.

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300 kg

To reach our goal of 300 kg, we all need to reduce our waste by one quarter.