Green Cart Tips

Since 90% of Nova Scotians have access to a green cart program for organics, it's important to be aware of some helpful hints to make your composting experience problem-free.

Make the best of your composting program.

  • Wrap wet food waste in paper or boxboard.
  • Empty your mini bin daily - you may even rinse with a mild detergent.
  • Store smelly items in your freezer until collection day.
  • Place your cart at the curb every collection, even if it's not full.
  • Store the cart in a ventilated, shady location.
  • Alternate layers of wet waste (i.e. food) with dry waste (i.e. leaves).
  • Place a few sheets of loosely balled-up newspaper on the top of the grate to soak up any excess liquid.
  • No plastics or metal in the green cart.
  • No ashes in your green cart - they could be a fire risk.

300 kg

To reach our goal of 300 kg, we all need to reduce our waste by one quarter.