Leftover Paint

Since 2002, Nova Scotians have been recycling leftover paint - keeping it out of landfills and out of our environment! Approximately two million containers of paint are purchased every year in Nova Scotia, and about 25% of that paint is never used.

How It Works

A paint recycling program was established in 2002 as part of Nova Scotia's Solid Waste Resource Management Regulations. These regulations ban paint from disposal in provincial landfills and require paint retailers to participate in a stewardship agreement, which is administered by ReGeneration.

When consumers purchase paint, they pay a recycling fee to support the costs of collecting and processing unused paint. For up to date information about the types of paint accepted and the recycling fee, please visit their website at: www.regeneration.ca.

Nova Scotians can return leftover paint to any ENVIRO-DEPOT facility across the province, free of charge.

Empty Paint Cans

For information on the proper disposal of empty paint cans, please contact your municipality.

300 kg

To reach our goal of 300 kg, we all need to reduce our waste by one quarter.