Recycling is part of our everyday routine in Nova Scotia. Opportunities abound to recycle everything from beverage containers, to newspapers, to tires, to plastic bags. It's easy to recycle!

In Nova Scotia, municipalities offer curbside collection of paper products and container recyclables. In addition, there is a network of 84 ENVIRO-DEPOT™ locations that collect refundable beverage containers, leftover paint, and in some cases, electronics. Together the municipal and ENVIRO-DEPOT™ recycling networks have combined to divert tens of thousands of tonnes of materials from landfills.

We all need to do more to ensure that every item that can be recycled actually gets recycled. Whether you're at home, at work, or at play, you need to make the effort to ensure you are recycling as much as possible.

To learn more about the curbside recycling program in your area, please check the sorting guide.

Click on the links learn more about any of the provincial recycling programs - including those for refundable beverage containers, tires, paint, and electronics.

300 kg

To reach our goal of 300 kg, we all need to reduce our waste by one quarter.